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The Challenge of the Church - Sermon series June-July 2018

The “Challenge of the Church” June-July 2018, Sermon Series

The Challenge of the Church carries with it two ideas.
Not only is the Church being challenged by the rapid changes taking place in our society, making life challenging for God’s people, but also, the existence of the Church is and of itself a challenge to the world.
In fact, Jesus said we are "salt and light" to the world. In this series, we’ll be exploring how the Church is both challenged, and called to be a challenge, in today’s world. And what that means for our lives individually and for the ministry and mission of Hobart Baptist Church.

The Chalenbge of the Church

What's going on Sunday May 27, 2018

This coming Sunday, May 27 at 10am, Liam Conway preaches on Mark 12:13-17. Jesus said, “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.”

Then later on, join in with the Church Together Festival (2pm) and Rally (4:30pm) down at PW1, next to Salamanca. Check churchtogethertasmania.com for more details!

Church Together2018

Pentecost - Sunday May 20

We celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit this coming Sunday at Hobart Baptist Church. Hope you can make it!

Stephen Baxter will be preaching: The Holy Spirit came upon the early church and changed the course of history. On the night before his crucifixion, Jesus explained to his followers how he needed to leave so that the work of the Spirit could begin. Next Sunday we will explore the three-fold ministry of the Holy Spirit - counsellor, witness and teacher.


Grace upon Grace - Sermon series at HBC until 13 May 2018

Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is somewhat of a masterpiece . . .

Grace upon GracePenned in prison nearly 2000 years ago, nevertheless, this letter is full of relevance to our times. Themes such as racial and ethnic reconciliation, unity in the body of Christ, and holiness setting the church apart from the surrounding culture, are significant and pertinent to us today.

But so often our perspective is too low, too human, too temporal, too material, too earthly, too self-centred. In this letter Paul challenges us to see our earthly reality in the light of the heavenly, eternal and spiritual reality.
Each week we will explore one chapter of the letter through the lens of the theme “Grace upon Grace.”

The text for the week will be chosen by the preacher for the day. Each will bring their own unique insights.
The goal is that we be gripped by the glory of what God has done for us in Christ, what this means for us in our daily living and what it will mean for us in the future.


April 8   Kelvin Smith Ephesians 1
April 15   Peter Clark Ephesians 2
April 22   Jim Collins Ephesians 3
April 29   Joel Ortiz Ephesians 4
May 6 & 13   Stephen Baxter Ephesians 5 & 6

Easter at Hobart Baptist Church

We've had an exciting few weeks as we celebrate our unity and our diversity with Sanctuary Sunday, followed by Harmony Sunday.

And now, Easter is on the way!

Stephen Baxter will take us through the Easter season with a special sermon series: The Cross That Unites

  1. Palm Sunday, 10am March 25
  2. Good Friday, 9:30am March 30
  3. Easter Sunday, 10am April 1

You are welcome to come and share, reflect and wonder at God's great mercy this Easter, at Hobart Baptist Church

The Cross the Unites


Hobart Baptist Church
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