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Lower Hall Refresh is Underway

This week the lower hall has contuned it's facelift as a team of volunteers moved in to paint. Nice work everyone!

The hall was originally built in 1885, so we are being careful custodians of our substantial heritage.

Painting Team Dec 2018


PLEASE NOTE: Access to Toilets is Changed!

The demolition of the old toilets and adjoining parts of the building are now complete.

There is a big space out the back! 

  • Access to toilets is now via:
    1. The door behind the pulpit
    2. The door behind the band
    3. Down the outside lane on the south side of the sandstone church building and through the hall doorway.
  • Here is the new building layout, including Emergency Exit info, current from Sunday December 9:
  • HBC Redevelopment Phase Two layout

Phase One of the Building Develpoment: COMPLETE!

Floorplan Sun Dec 2, 2018
Floorplan for Sunday Dec 2, 2018

Building Update, December 2, 2018

* With the opening today of the new toilets the first part of the building project is complete.

* Access to toilets is via the door behind the lectern, the door behind the band, and down the outside lane on the south side of the sandstone church building and through the hall doorway.

* For safety reasons we ask that children going to the toilets have an adult with them.  

* Morning tea will continue to be in the Soundy Lounge until the Hall has been refreshed, however arrangements will be a little more difficult than before, so please bear with us while we manage with reduced facilities. 

* The demolition of the old toilets etc will begin on Monday December 3.

* Finally, and praise God, the BFS loan has, at long last, been approved.

Heather Galloway HBC Secretary

Advent Sermon Series: A Curious Christmas

Curious Christmas

This Christmas we will follow Matthew’s story.

Writing to a Jewish readership, Matthew endeavours to explain how Jesus is their long-anticipated Messiah. However, his arrival is nothing like they expected and indeed quite curious.

Yet we celebrate Christmas amid festivities that have become more and more commercialised and full of materialism.  It is curious how the celebration of God emptying himself of what it meant to be God and becoming a human being (Philippians 2:7) has become an excuse for us to consume, spend and focus on ourselves. Such consumerism has very little to do with the birth of Christ or the celebration of Emmanuel – God with us.

Looking at some of the more curious aspects of the Christmas story as told by Matthew will hopefully help us to take our minds off shopping list and on to the things God has done for us. Being curious may just enable us to give less room to commercialism and materialism and more to the eternal. The curious just may help us ‘do’ Christmas differently this year.

Sermon Series: October-November 2018

The Parables of Jesus: Simple Stories | Profound Truth

Parables of Jesus

The Parables of Jesus are found in the first three gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke. They are a very important part of the teachings of Jesus and make up approximately one third of what is recorded of his teachings. No wonder, Christians count them very highly.
Many of the parables are about everyday life. They include a woman baking bread, a farmer sowing seed, a man knocking on his neighbour's door at night, a woman losing a coin or a wayward son’s homecoming. Despite their seeming normalness, the parables are about major spiritual and religious matters. Although they can often seem simple, yet deep and profound truths central to the teachings of Jesus. British scholar William Barclay summed up by saying a parable “an earthly story with a heavenly meaning.
In this series we will explore eight of the Jesus’ parables looking at the deep truths they point to allowing them to speak to us today.